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Thursday, April 3, 2014

10 Jars as Lights

Y'all mason jars as lights?  Oh yes!  This is a little different from the usual round up around here but I couldn't resist gathering up all of these mason jar lights as a group of features.  Y'all look around and enjoy!  
First up is a Mason Jar Chandelier from Marty's Musings.  What a great way to add some character to any old chandelier in your home.
Don't want an entire chandelier of jars?  Let The DIY Village show you how to make a mason jar into a pendant light.

Or you can meet somewhere in the middle and make your own industrial inspired mason jar light fixture like this one from Frou Frou Gal.  

If industrial inspired lighting is not your style, try this rustic inspired barn wood jar lamp from The Greenwork Bench instead.  Barn wood and a mason jar all in one DIY project....this one might just be right up my alley. 

You can also go for that catalog look at let The Abe Green Family show you how to make this Pottery Barn inspired light fixture.  I love getting that catalog look for a fraction of the price.

You can also try your hand at making the Pottery Barn inspired fixture below from Cheney Home.  Which look do you like better? 

Some of my personal favorite jar lights just use the existing fixtures and add jars to those.  You would be surprised how many light fixtures can use jars instead of globes.  The Stories of A to Z added jars with numbers to her light fixture.

You can also add blue mason jars to an existing pendant light like Tirzah Photography.  

Then you have those unexpected decorative lights that can use mason jars as well.  Take this mason jar monogram light from Oleander and Palm.  What a great use of mason jars in an unexpected way.  

Another option is to make a mason jar lamp like this one from Domestically Speaking.  I have seen mason jar lamps for years but bloggers are reaching out and putting their own spin on them.  How would you modernize the typical mason jar lamp?  

Which one of these jars as lights is your favorite?  Would you use any of these ideas in your own home?  

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